Volunteering With VACI

With a team of cheerful, professional, fun loving people with a desire to impact lives and transform communities, in a hospitable country full of rich and diverse culture, you will carry your experiences with you for a lifetime.

Volunteer Placement

VACI Ghana offers a variety of volunteering opportunities to international volunteers, including teaching, counselling and orphanage work. Placement programmes are flexible with a lot of extra curricular activities.

Volunteer Projects

With a variety of VACI projects in the areas of Education, Heath Services, Agriculture, Community Support and Relief services, Volunteers have a wide range of opportunity to change lives.

Gap Year

We have a year round programme for student volunteers from all countries taking a gap year off and willing to make a difference. You have the opportunity to work on any of our programmes or projects.

Who We Are

The Voluntary Aid and Cultural Integration Organisation, founded in the year 2000, is based in the Volta Region of Ghana. We operate in five communities in two districts (Akatsi and Ketu south and Ketu north Districts). Our team works with local participants for the development of their communities. We encourage voluntary work and cultural understanding between people of different countries. Our team works with local participants for the development of their communities. Our major goals is to promote the engagement of Ghanaian youth in the development of their own country. Read More

What We Do

  • Educational campaigns and educational opportunities.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • Fighting Drug Abuse.
  • Poverty reduction through building sustainable practices for food security.
  • Advocating the stop of Child Trafficking.
  • Youth counselling.

What Volunteers Are Saying

  • Sheena McGee

    "β€˜β€™The first thing that I noticed upon my arrival in Ghana was how friendly everyone was; they all made me feel very welcome. I have loved learning about Ghanaian culture, such as the food, language and music. Through teaching and counselling at local schools I was amazed at how eager they were to learn and I enjoyed interacting with them. It was also a really fulfilling feeling to be able to counsel young people and help them with their worries and problems. After work I was always able to relax in my room or at the beach. I also loved exploring more of Ghana, such as the Tafi monkey sanctuary, Wli Water Falls and Fort Prizenstein at Keta . The staff at VACI-Ghana is wonderfully hard-working and dedicated to improving their community. They are committed to making sure volunteers have a memorable and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing to work with VACI-Ghana and would recommend the experience to anyone. β€˜β€™"

    Sheena McGee, University of Birmigham
  • Natalie Golding

    ""VACI-Ghana is an organization which offers an unforgettable experience; from teaching and counseling to enjoying the true beauty of Ghanaian culture and sights seeing. I developed so many skills whilst also gaining invaluable work experience. The team is incredibly welcoming and truly appreciative of your work. If you want to make a difference to someone's life, VACI-Ghana will definitely help you to achieve this'"

    Natalie Golding, University of Birmingham UK
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