VACI Ghana Partners and Affiliates

VACI Ghana cooperates with several individuals, organizations, institutions and associations to effectively promote its goals and stated objectives. These partners offer their support and work with VACI to make our efforts more effective. To become a VACI partner Contact Us

The National Youth Authority

Throughout the world today, the youth are recognized as one of the most important source of human capital. Efforts at enhancing the overall development of young people are therefore considered an important part of our national development agenda.

Green the Gene

Green the Gene is an international youth run organization, founded by Madhav Datt along with a small group of youth, concerned, passionate and determined to do something about the environment and the society. It started out as an environmental club in 2004 and since then, over the past 8 years, Green the Gene's campaigns, grassroots organizing, projects, events and mass public actions have been led from the bottom up by students and youth from schools and universities across 42 countries...

International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI

International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI” - is a not-for profit private association, which has been established under Austrian law of associations by an international group of scientists, science managers and futures studies experts in April 2007. IAAI seat is in Klagenfurt/Austria. IAAI main objective is to explore and promote systemic innovation regarding resource mobilization of global civil society for effective global governance in support of the work of United Nation System.

Ghana Immigration Service

The Regional Immigration Service Department of the Ghana Immigration Service based in the Volta regional capital, Ho is a security body, handling migration issues. VACI-Ghana collaborates with them when extending the visas of Program Participants prolonging their stay in Ghana. The Immigration Service has left the responsibility to VACI on deciding which Participants are suitable to continue their stay in Ghana. When Participants violate Ghanaian laws or the trust of the organization VACI can through the immigration service urge on deportation.


The Solidarity of African Development (SADEP) is a Ghanaian organization which, sets out to facilitate education and other developmental activities in the rural communities of Ghana.

Co-operation for Integrated Development (CID)

CID is a non-profit institution based in the Nothern Region (Tamale) of Ghana. CID supports Education, HIV/AIDS, Poverty Reduction, etc. in the Northern part of Ghana.


Our objective is to help more people gain the life changing, life affirming experiences that volunteering can give. We are committed to enabling skill transfer, enabling organizations in the developing world to access different skill sets and to helping volunteers realize the value they can add using the skills they hold.

Development Needs Foundation

Development Needs Foundation is committed to building demand for responsiveness, transparency and accountability in the government's relations with its citizenry at the District level.

Road of Hope Missions (ROHOM)

ROHOM is concerned about the high adult illiteracy and high unemployment rates in rural communities in Ghana. It therefore seeks to establish literacy classes and micro-enterprise that will sharpen the entrepreneuering skills of the rural dwellers towards sustainable livelihood.

Destiny's Volunteers

Destiny's Volunteers is an organization which seeks to improve the health, education, environmental issues, and well-being of deprived African communities with the help of international and Ghanaian volunteers working together.