What Volunteers Are Saying

  • Holly Bacon

    "Volunteering with VACI is a one in a life time opportunity that allows you to immerse yourself in the Ghanaian culture in a way that no tourist can! I made lots of great friends and left with a great sense of achievement that I had truly made a difference."

    Holly Bacon, University of Birmingham
  • Rebecca Samuels

    "Home from the most surreal trip that I'm not sure I can explain..Ghana was amazing!! Anyone who is considering volunteering/teaching/counselling in Ghana go with VACI-Ghana or contact me for more information."

    Rebecca Samuels, University of Birmingham
  • Olivia Mitchell

    "I had a wonderful time in Ghana, an experience I would not have been able to have without VACI-Ghana. As an aspiring psychologist, the experience provided me with a unique counseling opportunity that I would not have gained in the UK. The experience was life changing, progressing me personally as well as professionally. I have so much fun and learnt so much- it was so hard to leave!"

    Olivia Mitchell, University of Birmingham
  • Sophie Green

    "‘’I have had an amazing experience with VACI-Ghana with not only the volunteering but found a love for the Ghanaian culture; everyone was so nice and friendly and would definitely recommend an experience of a life’’"

    Sophie Green, Nottingham Trent University
  • Zoey Billington

    "‘’…. most amazing 3 weeks working with the most amazing children!! An experience that can't be put into words!! If you want to volunteer, come to me for details about VACI- Ghana!! Something you will never forget, good to be home though’’"

    Zoey Billington, Leeds Metropolitan University UK
  • Natasha Kanolik

    "‘’My time in Ghana was indescribable. It was the most unique and incredibly rewarding experience. VACI-Ghana allows you to see and live the wonderful African culture up close, something you wouldn’t necessarily get elsewhere. I will never forget my time in Ghana ‘"

    Natasha Kanolik, , Birmingham City University UK
  • Natalie Golding

    ""VACI-Ghana is an organization which offers an unforgettable experience; from teaching and counseling to enjoying the true beauty of Ghanaian culture and sights seeing. I developed so many skills whilst also gaining invaluable work experience. The team is incredibly welcoming and truly appreciative of your work. If you want to make a difference to someone's life, VACI-Ghana will definitely help you to achieve this'"

    Natalie Golding, University of Birmingham UK
  • Zoe Spruce

    ""My time working with VACI was truly fascinating. I felt like I was really making a difference to the local community whilst being completely immersed into Ghanaian culture. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a unique experience!""

    Zoe Spruce, University of Birmingham UK
  • Jemma Peach

    "“It sounds very cliché to say that volunteering abroad was a life changing experience, however for me this is 100% true. The experience I had with VACI was wonderful, and so rewarding that I want to do it again! Thanks to the support and encouragement I had while volunteering here, I have now accepted a 3 month placement in Sri Lanka. I would never have done this without VACI. ”"

    Jemma Peach, University of Birmingham UK
  • Natasha Mellor

    "VACI-Ghana is a great project that allows you to really make a difference; it encourages individuals to achieve so much from their stay, with great outcomes for both the host village and the volunteer. They welcome volunteers to take ownership of small projects. I really enjoyed spending time with my host family, I even went back a second time. I’m now studying for a PhD regarding the skills that volunteers gain in developing countries. I gained so much from this experience that I wanted to empirically study the effects!"

    Natasha Mellor, University of Salford
  • Jenny Ventura

    ""I arrived at VACI Ghana with years of experience as a teacher and social worker, as well as an open mind. Meeting school leaders with a sense of curiosity led to fruitful conversations about how my skills could be used to meet the needs of students, staff and the community. My experience at VACI Ghana was a true exchange – of ideas, of cultural experiences, of lessons, and of gratitude. I felt very useful, and had a lot to give based on the needs expressed by the community, but I received so much more in return. My heart was opened to the beautiful country that is Ghana and I was received with open arms and some of the most beautiful smiles on earth. I am so grateful to VACI Ghana for making such an experience possible.""

  • Abbie Forster

    "My time with VACI was a truly wonderful experience; the trip really allowed me to develop as a teacher in ways other environments would not. Not only have I emerged from the experience with a greater, more impressive skill set, but I have also had a fabulous time experiencing true Ghanaian culture first hand. I’ve fallen in love with the music, food, history, and most importantly, the people that I have met through VACI. It has been a thoroughly life changing experience, filled with adventure and excellent company. I urge others to volunteer with VACI-Ghana, an organization that really takes care of its volunteers, and does so much for the people of Ghana."

    Abbie Forster, University of Birmigham
  • Sheena McGee

    "‘’The first thing that I noticed upon my arrival in Ghana was how friendly everyone was; they all made me feel very welcome. I have loved learning about Ghanaian culture, such as the food, language and music. Through teaching and counselling at local schools I was amazed at how eager they were to learn and I enjoyed interacting with them. It was also a really fulfilling feeling to be able to counsel young people and help them with their worries and problems. After work I was always able to relax in my room or at the beach. I also loved exploring more of Ghana, such as the Tafi monkey sanctuary, Wli Water Falls and Fort Prizenstein at Keta . The staff at VACI-Ghana is wonderfully hard-working and dedicated to improving their community. They are committed to making sure volunteers have a memorable and enjoyable experience. I look forward to continuing to work with VACI-Ghana and would recommend the experience to anyone. ‘’"

    Sheena McGee, University of Birmigham